At the time of this writing, “the team” has just one member — me, groundh0g. As the project progresses, I’d love to have people with similar passions for extending Jekyll with Bootstrap while preserving compatibility with the latest GitHub Pages.

Until I find others to join my mission, I’ll be using a few of the most talented developers I know to help me with design and technology decisions.

Joseph Hall Avatar

Joseph Hall
Programmer / Writer

Joe Hall has been a professional software developer for more than 25 years.

He worked as a programmer for Microsoft, IBM, and ThoughtWorks; and he was the software architect for a Fortune 500 bank. He was the CTO of a ticket sales and servicing company and he started his own consulting company in 2006.

Joe makes his living writing desktop, web, and mobile device applications for businesses and governmental agencies, but game programming is his passion, and it was gaming that got him into programming in the first place.

He was a member of the original Xbox team and he joined the Visual Studio .NET team just after the Xbox was released in 2001. Joe is the author of XNA Game Studio Express: Developing Games for Windows and the Xbox 360, published in 2007, and Fauxcabulary: Fake definitions. Real funny., self-published in 2015.

Joe also dabbles in sketching, cartooning, and creating 3D models. When you see his artistic creations, you’ll understand why he makes his living as a programmer.

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Andrew Rollings Avatar

Andrew Rollings
Programmer / Writer

Andrew Rollings has written several books, all connected in some way or other with his love of games. The most notable of these being Game Architecture and Design, which has been the reference for many college and secondary education courses.

Andrew is an ex-UK resident who currently lives in a bunker located in places unknown. He earns his keep by architecting and developing software for companies that span a wide variety of fields. In his spare time, you may see him working on his Nintendo 3DS game.

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Steven Lowe Avatar

Steven Lowe
Programmer / Writer / Speaker

Steven A. Lowe is a consultant, software developer, inventor, entrepreneur, author, musician, and lover of puns. He ran an innovative custom software development company for nearly a decade before joining ThoughtWorks as a Principal Consultant in 2014. He now works at Google as a Product Technology Manager.

Steven admits to being the author of From Burnout to Bonfire and a willing participant in the band Noise in the Basement, but neither confirms nor denies being the science-fiction author, Steven Ayel. His latest book, Head-First Domain-Driven Design, is slated to be published in 2018.

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Scott Escue Avatar

Scott Escue

Scott Escue is an expert in enterprise Java development using a mix of web technologies. He’s been paying the bills with a keyboard and a compiler since 2001 - engaging with new technologies and solving problems both large and small. While most of his experience in the database world has been with Oracle, he also works with a variety of open-source data store solutions.

His interests aren’t limited to the Java world, though. When away from the day job, Scott uses Ruby and Rails for his personal projects. And, while not quite the expert yet, he has been flexing his iOS and Android application development muscles. You can find an example of Scott’s open-source projects at Dropwizard EntityManager on GitHub.

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