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What’s Jekyll Faces?

Jekyll Faces builds on the popular Jekyll platform for building static HTML sites. Jekyll is great for basic blogs, but to take it further, you’ll need to add a good bit of Liquid, HTML, and JavaScript.

Are you a blogger? Are you writing a book? Are you working on the next, big open source project? Need to announce your upcoming application with a countdown timer? Want to track site traffic? Want to build a community for your users? Are you working alone, or is a team driving your project? Do you have a web application that you want to augment with a blog and news? Want to provide a search feature for your site? Need a memorable 404 page?

Why Jekyll Faces?

It supports all those features, and more! You can even host your site for free on GitHub Pages!

Don’t waste your time building your site. Spend it creating content for your users.

Recent Praise

Needs more cherubs!

    — Andrew Rollings

What the heck is this, anyway?

    — Steven Lowe

Amazing. Wonderful. Spectacular!

    — Joe’s Mom