Countdown Widget

The countdown.liquid widget renders a countdown clock for a target date and time, or a “count up” clock from a certain date and time.


{% include countdown.liquid [options] %}


The values of following parameters determine the style and behavior of the countdown timer.

Parameter   Description   Default Value
date   the target date (and time)   {{ site.time }}
    ex: “07/15/2017 10:00 AM”    
direction   count “up” or “down”   down
name   suffix for cd class names   (empty string)
    ex: “Book”, “Site”, “Prod”    
size   whether or not to break between number and field name   small
    ex: “small”, “large”    

Countdown CSS

The default CSS for the countdown widget, listed below, can be found in jekyllfaces.css.

.countdown { color: #666; }
.countdown-small { font-size:1.0em; }
.countdown-large { font-size:2.0em; margin: 10px; }

NOTE: You can have multiple instances of the same countdown timer, or multiple, distinct countdowns using the name parameter.

A name value of “Other” would reference custom CSS in the following form:

.cdOtherDays { color: red; }
.cdOtherHrs  { color: blue; }
.cdOtherMins { color: green; }
.cdOtherSecs { color: purple; }

Demo Mode

When “true”, the demo parameter modifies the javascript so that the countdown timer isn’t just sitting there at zero if the target date has been met.

Parameter   Description   Default
demo   use the current date plus 3 days (a non-zero countdown value)   false

Live Example

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XX days
XX hours
XX minutes
XX seconds

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