Site Features

The vanilla install of Jekyll is great for simple blogs, but you have a good bit of tweaking ahead of you if you want to extend that basic functionality. Jekyll Faces provides configurable features that make your site more full-featured.

Out of the box, Jekyll Faces provides support for the following features:

  • Analytics: Use a 3rd-party script for usage statistics. Target content for users, browsers, and locations.
  • Comments: Build community around your site by allowing visitors to discuss your posts.
  • Font Icons: Select from several icon sets to use in the text on your site.
  • 404 Pages: Avoid boring file-not-found pages by selecting one from many Jekyll Faces provides.
  • Main Menu: Filter and name the main menu links for your site.
  • Search: Let Jekyll Faces know when and how to provide search for you content.
  • Footer: Define common content for all pages in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 columns.