Hosting on GitHub Pages

If you’re looking for a place to host your Jekyll Faces site, you can’t do much better than GitHub Pages. There, you can host your pages for free, to be served from the domain, or on a custom domain that you specify. In addition to static HTML content, GitHub Pages natively support Jekyll (and, by extension, Jekyll Faces). Jekyll Faces adds absolutely no custom code or plugins that aren’t specifically supported by GitHub Pages, so you can be sure that your Jekyll Faces site will work as intended on that infrastructure.

To publish your site to GitHub Pages, you need only commit and push to one of your repositories in a predefined location. We suggest installing the github-pages Ruby gem for testing on your local machine, but the deploy-by-push method is so seamless and so fast, that you don’t really need to configure your site locally. If you find a problem with a push, you can correct it and re-push in no time at all.

Looking for more details on how GitHub Pages works? Check out the following resources: