This is a list of the folks who make this site possible.


Joseph Hall

Joe lives with his wife and three daughters in Newnan, Georgia. Every summer, Joe teaches high school students how to write games during an intense weeklong course in North Carolina for Landry Academy. In his free time, Joe dabbles in sketching, cartooning, and creating 3D models. When you see his artistic creations, you’ll understand why he makes his living as a programmer.

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Andrew Rollings

Andrew Rollings has written several books, all connected in some way or another with his love of games - the most notable being Game Architecture and Design, which has been the reference for many a college and secondary education course. Andrew is an ex-UK resident who currently lives in an underground bunker in an undisclosed location. He earns his keep by architecting and developing software for companies that span a wide variety of fields. In his spare time, you may see him working on his next console or handheld game.

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Steven Lowe

Steven Lowe is currently a Principal Consultant Developer for ThoughtWorks. In that role, he is a rabid proponent of test-driven development, speaking in various venues both here and abroad. He has been programming professionally since around 1987. Steven is somewhat obsessed with helping clients achieve success as they define it, and as such is unafraid to ask “stupid” questions like “Why are we doing this?” and “What would wild success look like?”. He’s also a published author of both fiction and tech books.

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Scott Escue

Scott is a senior software developer who lives and works near Montgomery, Alabama. He has been programming professionally since 2003. He thrives on learning new tech and tools, and he loves finding new approaches to solving problems. While the day job is almost exclusively Java and web tech, Scott has been diving deeper into Ruby for the last several years on his “fun” projects. Scott is the author of the Dropwizard EntityManager project on GitHub.

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